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Asli Katina Sakar

Instructor 导师

Ms. Sakar graduated from the Fashion Design program at Blanche Macdonald Centre in Vancouver. Over the years, she has worked for various clothing brands including Jack Hsieh Couturier, Christine Lingerie, Lords of Gastown, Yuksel Couture, Vedi Atalier & Boutique, and more. In addition, Ms. Sakar has extensive teaching experience in clothing design and production. She is skilled in pattern making, fashion design, styling, embroidery, weaving, crochet, sewing, industrial sewing, and advanced custom sewing. She patiently and attentively guides students from design sketches to the completion of finished garments.

毕业于温哥华Blanche Macdonald学院服装设计专业,多年来曾先后就职于多家服装品牌,如Jack Hsieh Couturier、Christine Lingerie、Lords of Gastown、 Yuksel Couture、Vedi Atalier & Boutique等。此外,Ms. Sakar 拥有丰富的服装设计及制作的教学经验,精通图案制作,时装设计,造型设计,刺绣,编织,钩织,缝纫,工业缝纫,高级定制缝纫等技能,耐心细心地辅导学生将设计草图到服装成品完成。

Asli Katina Sakar
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