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Jianjun An

Chief Education Director 教学总导师

As an avant-garde artist and professional designer, he has over twenty years of experience and has had many of his works featured and exhibited. His artworks are a reflection of human life and modern society with many added to the collections of friends and collectors. Some of his most prominent works include Crow, Renoir Bathing Girl, Coffee Shop, and Dancing. In addition to painting, he has also designed many large-scale architectural works, including the reconstruction of the cultural landmark Yao Temple in Linfen, Shanxi, the library at North China Institute of Technology, and many more.

He continued to pursue his love for oil paintings and design, incorporating not only the traditional Oriental style of his homeland but also constantly seeking for new breakthroughs, thoroughly researching the language and beauty perspectives of Western art. With an increased understanding of Western art, his own art style also began to slowly shift and change, until it became a merge of both east and west. His art carries the charm of Oriental culture but also conveys a unique hint of Western art. At the same time, he is also devoted to teaching to let more children thoroughly understand the variety, creativity, and international aspects of art. He wishes to allow students who come from China to fully experience, feel, and understand the essence behind Western art and to guide and educate these students to enter the top art and design universities in North America.



Jianjun An
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