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Li Feng

Senior Instructor 高级导师

Graduated from Shandong College of Arts and Crafts and have been engaged in teaching and design work for over 20 years. I previously served as a guest professor at Shanxi Academy of Arts.

After immigrating to Canada, I established the New Primary Colors Art School and conducted in-depth research on art education in North America. Combining the strengths of Chinese and Western art education, I developed innovative and enjoyable painting teaching methods to provide a pleasant and relaxed learning environment for children. I emphasize providing children with proper guidance, stimulating and expanding their imagination, and nurturing their innate creativity. My goal is to enhance their ability to appreciate beauty, express beauty, and create beauty.

毕业于山东工艺美院,从事教学与设计工作20余年。曾任山西艺术学院的客座教授。 移民加拿大后,成立了新三原色艺术学校,深入研究北美艺术教学,结合中国、西方艺术教育之长,研究趣味绘画教学,开拓创新趣味绘画教学,令孩子们在愉快轻松的氛围下学习绘画。冯老师注重给孩子们正确的引导,激发和拓展孩子们的想象力发挥他们纯真的天性,提高和培养孩子们感受美、鉴赏美、表现美和创造美的能力。

Li Feng
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