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Lin Shi

Instructor 导师

Shi Lin is an oil painter and children's book illustrator. He graduated from the advanced graduate program in the Oil Painting Department at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. He has previously worked as an oil painting teacher at Shanxi Normal University's Fine Arts Department. His works primarily focus on oil painting and he excels in creating vivid and expressive pieces. His illustrations add color and imagination to children's books, and they are well-loved by readers.

史霖(Shi Lin)是一位油画家和童书插画师,毕业于广州美术学院油画系高研班。他曾担任山西大学师范学院美术系的油画教师。他的作品以油画为主要媒介,他擅长创作生动而富有表现力的作品。他的插画作品为童书增添了色彩和想象力,受到了广大读者的喜爱。

Lin Shi
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