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Zach McLean

Instructor 导师

Concept Artist, Illustrator, Art Director.

Founder of Poiesis Studios, a creative pre-production studio. We’ve offered our services to animation studios, game developers, ad agencies, movie companies, and web3 companies. Current clients are primarily Animation, Metaverse and NFT companies.

Over 8 years of experience working in-studio at Game/Animation/VFX companies as a Lead Concept Artist.

My expertise and focus is in Intellectual Property creation. I start my process with both concept design and writing to develop original, meaningful stories that connect with your audience. I start with written story, branding, character design, key art, all the way through to pitch document creation and early storyboarding.


Poiesis Studios创始人,一家专注于创意前期制作的工作室。我们为动画工作室、游戏开发商、广告公司、电影公司和Web3公司提供服务。目前的客户主要是动画、Metaverse和NFT公司。



Zach McLean
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