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Annie Yu

Instructor 儿童导师

Graduated from Emily Carr University of Art + Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, specializing in Illustration. In 2020, I officially joined the team at New Primary Colors Art School. I have a strong passion for engaging with children, and I believe in listening to their ideas and helping them express their inner worlds. My goal is to foster a space where children can develop their own unique visual language and create their own imaginative, creative, and surprising colorful world. I aim to guide children in telling their own stories through art.

毕业于艾米丽卡尔艺术与设计大学(Emily Carr University of Art + Design), Bachelor of Fine Arts,插画专业。在2020年正式加入新三原色艺术学校团队, 热衷于和孩子进行交流,通过倾听孩子们的想法,帮助他们表达出自己的内心世界,开发属于孩子们自己的图画天地,在这个充满幻想,创意,惊喜的色彩世界,引导儿童讲出自己的故事。

Annie Yu
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