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Suning Li

President(South Surrey) 导师

Graduated from Dalian Light Industry University with a major in Design and attended the Design Advanced Studies program at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. This individual has been actively involved in various creative fields, including publishing illustrations, graphic design, and creative work. Additionally, they possess extensive experience in clothing industry design, exhibition planning, photography, and performance direction. They are also a seasoned makeup artist. Furthermore, this person has many years of experience in children's art education.

毕业于大连轻工业学院设计专业,广州美院设计研修班; 长期从事出版插画、平面设计、创意工作;服装行业设计、展览、摄影、演出企划经验丰富;资深化妆师。多年从事儿童艺术教育。

Suning Li
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