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Yuemeng Qiu

Instructor 导师

Graduated from Emily Carr University of Art and Design, majoring in Graphic Design. Joined the team of New Primary Colors Art School in 2014. Diligent, responsible, patient, and highly approachable, dedicated to creating a comfortable and harmonious creative atmosphere for children. Possesses extensive experience in teaching children and knows how to stimulate their creativity. Responsible for children's painting courses.

毕业于艾米丽卡尔艺术与设计大学(Emily Carr University of Art and Design),平面设计专业。2014年加入新三原色艺术学校团队,做事认真、负责,有耐心,亲和力极强,乐忠于为孩子们创造一个舒适,和谐的创作氛围,有着及丰富的儿童教学经验,懂得如何激发孩子的创造力。负责儿童绘画课程。

Yuemeng Qiu
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