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NPC Arts Centre

About NPC

NPC Arts Centre offers an educational model that is specifically developed to cultivate visual literacy and innovative thinking to young art learning students from K to 12 at Richmond, South Surrey, and West Vancouver campuses. A key aim is to prepare high school students for admissions processes and portfolio reviews at leading post-secondary art and design programs.


Since opening its doors in Greater Vancouver Canada, NPC has helped hundreds of students successfully enroll in the top art and design post-secondary programs in both North America and Europe. We have over 15 art and design training and portfolio preparation courses, such as Animation, Concept Design, Game Design, Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Interactive Design, Illustration, Fashion Design, Jewelry Design and Accessory Design, etc., which are well designed to provide students with the best possible opportunity to achieve their creative and academic goals. Children's creative drawing ability is the foundation of all design areas, and it’s important to start building the foundation from a young age. 


Our faculty are veteran professionals with experience at the forefront of the industry and years of art education experiences with children and youth. All our teaching materials and curriculum tailored for kids and teens art programs are designed by our own team, aiming to guide young artists towards becoming professional designers in the future.

Featured Guest Educator

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